YES Hybrid Snowboard 2023

YES Hybrid Snowboard 2023
Wait, they made a good-looking Hybrid?!

Scandalous love-child of the iconic 420 and PYL boards, the Hybrid immediately got attention with last years release from anyone that knew anything about it's parents. It has the shorter/wider surface-planing of the 420 and employs the Tapered UnderBite outline originally unveiled on the PYL. Floaty and maneuverable with confident edge hold and responsive snap out of turns, we've created a perfect hybrid of these two boards that has constantly grown in popularity.

Art by : Mark Kowalchuk

Lately I’ve been really into sci-fi and fantasy art I feel the ideas of infinite realities and what could lie beyond our comprehension very interesting. I’ve been really looking at a lot of 70s retro sci fi art and watching a lot of space movies lately. I find that sci-fi is an amazing genre for an artist to really dig deep into their imagination and challenge them to come up with concepts that haven’t really been portrayed yet. For these boards I tried to link all 3 graphics : trees, air and space by a gateway/portal between them. For creating these graphics i start with some rough sketches and doodles and figure out the layouts and general idea behind each one. Then I’ll redraw each one a bit better and at full size. Once the drawing is sketched in I trace my own artwork to clean up the linework and scan it. Once on the computer I move the elements around and digitally colour it. The last step is just setting the artwork into the template shape ready for production.


YES Hybrid Snowboard 2023

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