ONEBALL X-Wax - Cool 114G
ONEBALL X-Wax - Cool 114G

ONEBALL X-Wax - Cool 114G
X-WAX COOL. Mineral Speed Additive Formula


NEW for 2021 Mineral Speed Additive Formulas breakdown

The X-Wax series Snowboard/ Ski wax is the fastest wax we make!

    X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives are a blend of natural additives that greatly reduce friction when used in combination of one another and have incredible speed producing qualities.
    X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives work with anti-friction, reduced surface tension, and hydrophobic additives that increase speed, glide, acceleration, and durability in all snow conditions.
    Keep Accelerating! X-wax will increase your speed in aggressive and even wet snow. You will actually feel it take off and keep accelerating.
    X-Wax Mineral Speed Additive formulas will not be affected by varying snow temperatures and standing water in the snow. Example: Cold aggressive snow at the top of a course and then warmer and wetter bottom. How would you wax? If you wax for flat, gliding part of the course and it’s the most wet you might end up over fluorinating the base making it run slow at the top. With the X-Wax MSA line you don’t have to worry. And you don’t have to worry about waxing too many additives into the base from consecutive waxing. Which is a typical issue on the race series. Also called, “over juicing.”
    No Fluorinated chemicals of any kind are used.

 Temperature Range

    Cool = 28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6ºC)

Size: 114g

ONEBALL X-Wax - Cool 114G

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ONEBALL X-Wax - Cool 114G