Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023
Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023
Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023
Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023

Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023
For RIDE’s 30thanniversary we bring you a VERY limited edition Looney Tunes graphic that calls back to some of our most iconic graphics of the 1990’s. Unlike last time, we have officially worked with Warner Brothers to create these graphics, legally

The PSYCHOCANDY’s shape is based on the innovative WARPIG, so the board is designed to be ridden 3 to 6 cms shorter than your standard board and approaches the mountain with the same ideology attitude that the WARPIG is known for. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and allows the PSYCHOCANDY to maintain speed in all conditions. Carbon Slimewalls® enhance response and stability. The PSYCHOCANDY is a directional all-mountain board designed to ride like a WARPIG so you can tackle any and all terrain the mountain has to offer, be it park, pipe, pow or slush.

Directional Zero Camber:
A directional shape built with true rocker throughout the tip and tail.

Bi-Radial Sidecut:
A twin sidecut which allows for the underfoot width of a wide board in the tip/tail width of a standard size. This design provides improved leverage on landings, grip through turns, and stability on flat base.

Sintered Base:
High-end sintered 4000 Ptex base material that is more durable, harder and faster than extruded.

WMNS Performance™ Core:
Specially formulated for the women’s line, this core combines lightweight Paulownia wood stringers with high strength Aspen. Available on every women’s board.

Carbon Slimewalls®:
This totally unique sidewall combines layers of Slimewalls® material and carbon strategically placed at the inserts out to the contact points in the tip and tail on a twin, and the back inserts to the contact points in the tail on a directional board. This exclusive tech enhances the charging rider’s experience as we have moved the carbon pop construction to the outside edge for better stability and enhanced response.

Roll-In Construction:
Unique 3D structure built around our urethane Slimewall® sidewalls. Designed to increase overall board strength, prevent topsheet chipping, and reduce weight.

Carbon Array Laminates:
This power distribution technology provides total board control in every stance location. Widespread carbon stringers placed at the binding zone gather input from any stance width and all pressure angles. Rider input is then channeled to the opposing contact point for maximum board control. Offered in two levels of technology, 3 & 5.\

Carbon Infused Glass Fiberglass:
90° Carbon fibers stitched into the glass. Extra pop and response, without adding extra stiffness.

Impact Plates Laminates:
Added underneath each binding area to improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most. Offered in two levels, Single and Double.

Standard Top Sheet:
Durable Urethane topsheet material with graphics only RIDE can bring you.

All Mountain , Powder , Groomers

Thrash , Seeker

Ability Level
Intermediate , Expert


Ride Psychocandy X Looney Tunes Snowboard 2023

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