Jones Stratos LTD Splitboard 2023

2023 Jones Stratos LTD Splitboard
The new Stratos splitboard is an all-conditions, all-terrain splitboard built for ripping turns, slashing gullies and boosting airs in the backcountry. A directional freeride shape blended with the board feel of a freestyle stick give the Stratos Split a remarkable energy on snow.
The Stratos Split’s energetic board feel is thanks to a narrow sidecut, friendly flex and camber heavy directional rocker profile, while 10mm of taper and a 3D Contour Base 3.0 keep the Stratos Split super quick edge-to-edge. For added response, the Stratos Split is built with our premium Ultra core, Flax/Basalt Power stringers and an ECO-plastic topsheet. For added edge grip and epic torsional board lock, the Stratos Split features Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0, the Boltless Bridge, and Karakoram Ultra Clips 2.0. Nimble and confident in any terrain, the Stratos Split makes you want to slice and dice your way down a run the most fun way possible.

Early drops that support shops

We're not good at being patient. When we get a new board design dialed in, we want to share it with the world as soon as we can! That's why we pre-release new board designs mid-season. We make limited edition models that are sold only at our most trusted dealers worldwide. These exclusive editions offer inspired riders the chance to try cutting edge designs before the masses, and they support the shops that have had our back since day one and do so much for our mountain communities.

Directional Tapered
Directional tapered boards excel in a pure mountain environment. The tail sinks in pow for better float and quicker turns.

A directional shape with a longer, softer nose and a shorter, stiffer tail get taken to the next level with a tapering design—which sees a wider nose tapering into a narrower tail. The advantages are two-fold: this shape not only sees mega-enhanced floatation with a surfy feel in deep powder, it also creates a faster turning snowboard which is noticeably more nimble and great for tree riding.

7 (Scale 1-10)

Versatility at its finest. From the park to the peak and anywhere in between.


High-end base material that is harder, more durable, and faster than extruded bases.

Jones Stratos LTD Splitboard 2023

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