Burton Toe Buckle Set

Burton Toe Buckle Set
Upgrade your old buckles with a set of freshies, or keep a spare pair handy in case of emergency.

Although not as impossible as riding without an ankle buckle, riding with a missing or broken toe buckle is less than ideal. Fix the problem or prepare in advance by packing a spare set. Compatible with Burton bindings featuring Smooth Glide buckles.

        Replacement Smooth Glide Toe Buckles Set

        A busted toe buckle is less than ideal. Consider yourself prepared with a spare set of Burton Toe Buckles. Compatible with Smooth Glide tongues, these are the industry's strongest, most reliable toe buckles. Don't settle for anything less.

        Compatible with the following Burton men's snowboard bindings: Cartel EST®, Cartel Re:Flex, Cartel X EST®, Cartel X Re:Flex, Freestyle, and Mission

        Compatible with the following Burton women's snowboard bindings: Lexa EST®, Lexa Re:Flex, Citizen, Scribe

Burton Toe Buckle Set

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