K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024
K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024
K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024
K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

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Rocker Type
Directional Camber Profile – The most responsive camber profile in the line features camber running from in front of the front foot to the tail of the board with slight early rise in the nose. This gives the rider the most precision and control possible in any terrain while still floating effortlessly in the deep stuff.

Flex Rating – 7 (1 Playful - 10 Precise)

S1 Core – The smooth-flexing cousin to the A1 core, K2's new S1 core in designed to be damp underfoot and stronger than hell. Constructed from bamboo, aspen, and paulownia, the S1 core lets each wood do what it's best for. Tip-to-tail bamboo stringers add snap, durability, and dampening underfoot, and are balanced out by lightweight paulownia in the midbody, tip, and tail to help reduce swing weight. Underfoot, aspen and bamboo are placed at 30° angles to increase strength, supercharge edge-to-edge response, and increase pressure distribution along the edge.

ICG™ 10 Biaxial Carbon Glass – Integrating tip-to-tail carbon fiber stringers into fiberglass layups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity.

Carbon Power Fork™ – Pre-cambered Carbon Power Fork™ additives are strategically shaped to offer greater response and energy return by increasing the width toward the tail - allowing for more material to be engaged, and more energy to be created the harder the tail is flexed. Adds snap to ollies, increases edge pressure, and gives energy in and out of turns.

Wax-Infused Sintered 4001 Base – Built using the hardest and fasted sintered base material on the market, the Wax-Infused Sintered 4001 Base holds wax longer than other sintered bases for smoother, longer lasting glide.

SnoPhobic Topsheet – Helps eliminate snow buildup when it gets deep.

Binding Compatibility
2 x 4 Inserts

K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024

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K2 Excavator Snowboard 2024