Burton Mini Grom Rocker Snowboard 2024

Burton Mini Grom Rocker Snowboard 2024
Get Your Next-Gen Ripper Sliding Sideways

    Tackle the learning curve with the softest, most stable board in snowboarding for little kids. The kids' Burton Mini Grom Snowboard is designed to get young kids riding as quickly as possible. What makes it a great learning board is the beginner-friendly combo of a catch-free shape and the softest flex possible, so that even the lightest-weight riders can master turning and stopping.       

Catch-Free Ease
A convex base with upturned edges and a flat profile from nose to tail make it extra stable and easier than ever to learn to ride.

Riglet Compatible
Add the Riglet accessory to the nose or tail, and you can tow this board around with or without bindings. Riglet sold separately.

Burton Mini Grom Rocker Snowboard 2024

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